Vetting Protocols

For Clients and Event Attendees

  • These protocols are being put in place for new clients for private sessions and new individuals who want to join our events and parties.

  • If you have already been vetted you will not have to pay anything but you will have to fill out a new form for rules and regulations. Thank you for your time and patience with the new changes. These help keep everyone safe.

  • If you are a new client or interested in attending any event or party you will be required to fill out a vetting form.  


Basic Vetting Information:

  • Vetting is a long-standing practice within many areas of society, including the BDSM community.

  • Miriam-Webster defines it as investigating (someone) thoroughly to see if they should be approved or accepted.

  • Some may view this as an elitist practice. We consider it as being responsible.

  • For the benefit of all, everyone who is interested in attending an event that Miss RinRin’s host or wants to do a private professional session must first be vetted. Everyone must go through the same process. No exceptions.

  • Panda Playhouse is a secluded organization run by Miss RinRin and Gamerkitty who hosts events and does sessions with individuals that occur in a private residence. While we are happy to be opening the home for the fun and educational benefit of others interested in exploring power exchange, along with other kinks and fetishes one may have it is only prudent that we do so judiciously.

  • Because our objective is to maintain a safe, pleasant and positive environment, a simple introduction does not constitute vetting. We want to get acquainted with people; have some meaningful conversation to determine if our objectives are in alignment. The mission has a rather narrow focus. We are not trying to be all things to all people. As such, it is our responsibility to take the time to get to know people well enough to determine if there is a good fit between what each person is seeking and what we offer.

  • This process is very subjective; we know that, and we don’t apologize for it as it keeps everyone safe.


Vetting (Anyone within 60 miles or willing to drive outside of 60 miles)

  • The vetting takes place at local (Northumberland County, Pennsylvania) restaurants due to it being at a public place and meeting for the first time.


Vetting (Anyone outside 60 miles)

  • Miss RinRin will do a Skype session. This will be a minimum of 30 minutes to 1 hour and will be formal. You will be asked questions and expected to answer openly and honestly.

  • If you and Miss RinRin are not meeting in person for vetting you’ll be asked to present information for at least one reference in the BDSM/ABDL or Kink/Fetish community who will vouch for your character and demeanor.


Photo ID

  • When filling out the vetting form you will be asked to include a photo ID.  If you don’t present it Miss RinRin will not continue with the vetting process. Any ID will work as long as it includes your picture and your full birthdate. You may send Miss RinRin a copy of your ID with the address crossed off before the vetting session. If you cannot attach it to the vetting form due to your computer or device settings you are welcome to email Miss RinRin at

  • After you submit your vetting form, you’ll have to meet Miss RinRin in person. This is to officially vet you.


Booking the Session

  • If you are permitted to continue with the booking of your session congratulations you passed! This means you have been found trustworthy of getting to come into Panda Playhouse or attend the events where your dreams and fantasies will come true.

  • You will fill out a contract and pay for the service you are seeking when you book the session. If you need a payment plan please tell Miss RinRin in advance as she has several payment plan options.

  • Once your session is paid for you’ll be given the address to the location. THIS IS FOR EVERYONE's SAFETY