Our Team

Who We Are



Lead Director of Entertainment

Gamer’s job is to make sure that everyone has fun. This includes prepping Panda Playhouse for private sessions all the way to organizing and setting up game night during events. If it involves your fun, he probably helped Miss RinRin come up with the idea.



Internet and Technology Manager

Jackie is the behinds the scenes person for all the tech stuff, if something happens to the website or if information needs to be updated the IT Manager is there to save the day.

Stevie 1.jpg


Customer Communication Liaison

Stevie is also on the Event Committee. Stevie’s job is to make sure all questions are answered about events and sessions. He is able to direct you and help you feel comfortable before your first appointment or before attending an event at Panda Playhouse for the first time.



Senior Creative Director

Adam is the SCD, he is responsible for most of the blog editing and coming up with stories to tell to our fans. If you ever read any of Miss RinRin’s short stories or mini books, you should know that the SCD was behind a lot of the editing and contributed largely to most content