Corresponding With Miss RinRin and Other Sissies in the Training Program

Proper etiquette in correspondence is expected and enforced. Below are the ways you will talk to not only to Miss RinRin but to your Sissy Sisters as well. It is imperative that Sissies learn their proper place and this is an excellent place to start



Sarcasm, Narcissism, Arrogance, and other forms of distrustful communication will not be tolerated. You will be removed from our program immediately. This gives Miss RinRin additional time to answer a more deserving communique.



Any communication written in only capital letters (LIKE THIS) will tell Miss RinRin that you are yelling at her. You will be removed from the program immediately; it is just not ladylike to yell.


Case Counts

Miss RinRin is your Superior. Please refer to yourself in lower case and Miss RinRin in uppercase. Refer to your Mistress and/or Master in upper case as well. Uppercase letters are only reserved for Superiors.

For example; if Miss RinRin were talking she would say “Me and you” if you were talking you would say “me and You.” You would not be removed from training, but it is embarrassing to be called out by not only Miss RinRin but your Sissy Sisters as well.


Me, Me, Me

Messages that contain “I” more than any other word are just mediocre in taste for a sissy. To alleviate this, refer to yourself in the third person.
Example A: What not to do: “I just wanted to write so I could tell Miss RinRin how wonderful she is.”
Example B: What to do: “This Sissy just wanted to write so she could tell you how beautiful Miss RinRin is.
Hopefully, you see the difference. Humility is a significant part of your training.


Composition, Grammar and Who’s Who

Address messages, for example: Dear Miss RinRin or Hello sissy sisters. Please use spell-check. Sign your letters or at least end them with your name. If you do not have a sissy name, one will be given to you. Use proper salutation at the bottom.


Subject (when needed): Anything for You

Dear Mistress,

Your sissy has kept herself all tucked, plugged and painted per Your request.

Love and Kisses


Sissy Sample

Sissy 8.jpg