How Training Works

Sissy training is done in two ways. The first is to complete the 25 training assignments. This will take roughly 1 year to complete. The second way is after you have completed your full training or if you have had training elsewhere you will be able to meet Miss RinRin for a formal Sissy Training Session in person.

25 Training Assignments To Make You The Perfect Sissy

So, you want to be feminized, do you?

Do you fantasize about being made to dress like a woman, look like a woman, think like a woman, and act like a woman? Have you imagined yourself as each of the beautiful women on the gallery pages? Do you like the humiliation of being made to wear women’s things in public when you’re still obviously a man? You’ve come to the right place, sissy.

If the above is what you are craving you are in the right place. We offer an online (email based)  sissy and feminization training program. This program is designed to take a full year to complete. You will get anywhere form 50-54 emails with a total of 25 tasks.

After every task you will get a follow up email for you to submit a form back indicating you completed the task or what you struggled with. This is for your own benefit to educate yourself on your own strengths and weaknesses. Of course these are not mandatory but encouraged.   

So a whole year of training, I’m sure you think that this is not affordable but it is! We only charge $5.00 per assignment for a grand total of $125 dollars for a year of training.

The sissy can take as much or as little time as they need to do the task well. Documentation will be due every Friday. Each assignment and documentation are different so be mindful on the amount of time you have. If you cannot do an assignment due to safety or because you live with someone and the scene is not able to be completed to its fullest please state that when turning in your homework. Do NOT lie to Miss RinRin; honesty goes a long way. Lying is not ladylike and you will be in training to be the best girl you can be.

Sign up HERE to join our online sissy training program. The first page will get information from you. This is how you will pay and select a time and date of when you would like to start your training. We send out emails every Sunday. Please select a time on Sunday when you would like to get your emails. After you pay you will be given another link. This is the link that verifies you signed up for the course. Please press the link and add your name and email address. If you do not do this step you will not get the product you paid for. It is extremely important to do this step. Why do we have this extra annoying step? It protects us from getting spammed by individuals and it shows that you can follow directions.

In Person Sissy Service

Learn how to perfect your submission to your future Mistress or Master. Miss RinRin will be in the room encouraging you (the sissy) on how to do things and what to do to the model.

If you have previous experiences with being a sissy or if you’ve completed all 25 sissy training assignments you can meet Miss RinRin for proper in person training and practice.

What do you need to bring with you to a in person sissy session.

You will be responsible for bringing your own toys and clothing. Our main focus will be looking the part and playing the part.

What Will Happen?

You’ll start off with shaving your body. Ladies don’t have hair.

Then we will do makeup and hair.

We then get you dressed. Miss RinRin will assist with corsets.

Next we will take some slutty photos so you can remember what kind of a cock slut you are.

We do anal and oral training using a dildo (you bring your own for sanity reasons).

If any one comes with you then Miss RinRin will direct you as to what to do to their cock and body. A good place to look for men interested in having their cock sucked by a lovely slutty sissy like you is You will be responsible for contacting this person and setting everything up. However before meeting with this person they will also have to go through a proper vetting with Miss RinRin. Vetting is mandated for all sessions.

To schedule your in person sissy session you may do so by clicking the button below.


Sissy Masturbating Schedule

Every good sissy slut should learn self-control, and how to not lose her girlishness in the afterglow of sexual activities. Orgasm is no reason to take off your panties and forget you’re a sissy! Much to our suspect, it has become very apparent that most of you pathetic sluts actually wank your little sissy clits on a daily basis! This clearly shows how poorly trained you sissies really are! Obviously, you have yet to be taught that your oversized clitoris is owned by your Superiors even though it is attached (possibly on a temporary basis) to your body.

As part of your training you will be required to stick to a masturbating schedule which is given to you in your very first email.