What is a Sissy?

There is no real definition of a sissy in the world that could adequately sum up the many different feelings that go through the mind of a sissy male to state the simple truth. However, we gave it a go below.

A sissy is a man who likes to wear female attire whether that be undergarments or a full fledge crossdresser. Most sissies love to feel like a woman would feel like. However, this does not mean they want to be a woman; they just want to play as one. Most like the naughtiness of the idea, but it can vary from person to person. This individual is generally a submissive and may consider themselves bisexual, they are usually into being dominated by females. They are not typically homosexual in the real sense of the word, but there are indeed no issues if they were. It came down to being more feminine and real submissive sissy likes to be ordered about and told to do naughty things, and sometimes painful in a nasty way.