Welcome and Warning

Welcome to Panda Playhouse sissy training section.

It is understandable that you cannot wait to start your training under Miss RinRin, but we first need to make some things clear.

First and foremost the fact that although this information is in training does not mean anyone at Panda Playhouse or Miss RinRin is forcing you. You have given us and Miss RinRin consent to provide you with training; however, if there is something you are uncomfortable with please do not do that lesson.

Miss RinRin will not be held accountable for your actions so if you go and get yourself arrested or in trouble do not blame Panda Playhouse, Miss RinRin or this website, again you are an adult and will be treated as such.

This training should only be reviewed by adults 21 years old or older. This training is just to be looked at for the idea of having fun in an alternative way. This training helps you become more submissive, more obedient and more sissy like if done correctly.

The assignments vary from very easy to very difficult. It is up to you to do it at your own pace and do things based on your situation as for how you want them to be accomplished.