Sessions and Scenes

A session, or "scene", is an opportunity to immerse yourself and surrender into what excites you. It should be a time where you feel safe, accepted, and appreciated. Here at Panda Playhouse, we want the scenes with you and Miss RinRin to be the place where you get to let your guard down, be the person you may be hiding from the rest of the world, and leave feeling better than you did before.

Panda Playhouse offers a place for people to be themselves. There are few places in the world where we are allowed to be ourselves without fear of judgment, so we see what Miss RinRin does as not just fun but deeply meaningful, if not sacred, and should be viewed as transformative, therapeutic, and healing.

When you do a session at Panda Playhouse with Miss RinRin, you can release any fear or self-consciousness that we will judge your kinks or fantasies. Only a person who truly embraces and is truly secure in their sexuality can deliver this. Offering a judgment-free space that is fun and fulfilling for everyone; and where joys, stresses, fears, and/or the suppressed parts of everyone can be expressed and consensually explored is a sincere honor for Miss RinRin and all her staff. Judgment has no place in this setting.

Miss RinRin is NOT what might be called a "classic" Dominatrix. She identifies as a Mommy Domme. Her scenes, however, do usually occur within the context of power exchange, traditional protocol, and do not include other forms of erotic work, such as escorting, massage, or fetish "service topping". If you want a scene in which someone is a mere actress in the fantasy you have scripted, she would be glad to help you.

While power exchange is her preferred context for play, it is not necessary to session with her. If power exchange is absent, a modicum of the traditional protocol is still expected (e.g. being addressed as she prefers, as Miss RinRin. If you're an ABDL, little or a bottom and/or fetishist and you do not seek a D/s or M/s scene, that's fine but it is expected you to have the awareness to know how to negotiate your desired scene respectfully. Please understand that her personality is still Dominant and she will never play the role as a sub.

Your skill level isn't important. Here at Panda Playhouse, we enjoy creating scenes with people who have never done anything kinky in their life and people who have been playing for decades. We are more interested in your commitment to letting go and enjoying yourself.

Sessions range from as short as one-hour in length to as long as 7 days! Yes, you read that correctly we can accommodate up to a 7-day stay.

This is not a dress-up and pretend gig for any staff at Panda Playhouse. This means you can be assured that your experience with Miss RinRin will not be "faked" for your amusement, but will be an authentic expression of who we are and what energizes us.

Her wardrobe consists of a variety of materials and aesthetics.

  • Miss RinRin can wear 50 style polka dot dresses.

  • Miss RinRin can wear jeans and a tee-shirt

  • Miss RinRin can wear a sundress

  • Miss RinRin can wear a business suit.

    • It should be noted that  Miss RinRin may wear stockings or go completely barefoot, especially if the scene that was negotiated would make it unsafe for her to wear six-inch heels. She wears what feels good to her and befits the type of scene.


Types of Sessions

These sessions are what Miss RinRin offers here at Panda Playhouse.

If you do not see something you want you are more then welcome to order a personalized session. These are listed in alphabetical order for your convenience.