Magic Car Ride

This story was sent in by Lamby Dragon

I like telling my story because I wish to show what life is like from my point of view in which the way I live my life, however funny, silly or interesting.

To explain where I am now is to know that for a shorter way of explaining a long-complicated situation, I've been "adopted" so to speak. I'm one of five boys (youngest overall, Second in most responsible, because of my "older brother" trait) to a wonderful gay couple.

The reason to tell you this is so you understand the backdrop of this story.

I was out for the day with my "parents", as they'd taken me out for birthday dinner, hang out and pick up a few things. On our way back long after the sun had gone down, I rode in the backseat (car seat not included :( lol).

Usually, even if I'm not driving, I ALWAYS have my eyes on the road, ready to be a backseat driver (literally lol), but I don't say anything unless I think there's an issue. I got bored and with trust in my parents, I let go and stare out the window next to me.

*Magic* is the closest word to the experience I had, as I watched the buildings, houses, few people and street lights fly by slowly, because I got time to focus on them longer. If I squint my eyes to focus, flexing them wide open in between, I see the rays of the street lights emitting and pulling back into the bulbs.

I pretended to run alongside the buildings as fast as I could to see how fast I could go. I jumped with an invisible Mario from street light to street light, making the jumping sounds as he took off. I saw the landmarks closer and in more detail, giving me a gauge to just how far away from home I was and the countdown to when this inner "Disney World" ride comes to an end.

I closed my eyes and felt the movement of the car. I heard my parents talking, but I couldn't hear what they were saying, as my music played in my earbuds. Between the bib overalls pulling against my shoulder and the giant pillow between my legs, for all of 30 minutes, it was the happiest moment I've had in a very, very long time.

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