Colin's Story

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

This story is partly MADE UP. I am not Miss RinRin’s little boy but I wanted to experience it. I did a private session with Miss RinRin. When I went home I wrote this, this was the things I loved, and the things I missed and wanted to experience. This was what would be my most perfect day. Miss RinRin is fantastic, she does not do anything sexual and never let me call her Mommy. This is strictly my fantasy mixed with some live-action session play.

Miss RinRin please share this with your followers, everyone deserves to have a good time like me.

I believed Miss RinRin when she called me a little boy. I know this was something I paid for, but it was an amazing feeling, just hearing the words. The way her lips pose with the sincerity behind her tongue and honesty in her breath, I can tell she means it. It was her confession and there was no deceit in it. It made me feel so good that I can barely feel my own self as apart from her. I am one with her, safely in her care and I loved her for it. Even though, it was just for a little while.

Ah, when I've been naughty. I don't like being naughty when I am with Miss RinRin because Miss RinRin is nice to me. When I refuse her spoonfeed because I didn't like that she left me for too long, Miss RinRin didn't like that.

She would coax me and stroke me until I stopped being naughty. It always drove me into the edge of insatiable hunger for her flesh, made borderless with mine in one sweaty heap of sexual fire.

I am her obligation, her little boy and sometimes watching her I wonder how we had fallen into this relationship so efficiently and effortlessly that it had worked best for us to not think of the days when we had not found each other. I recalled it sometimes. It was nasty. It is my whole life. I am never truly Miss RinRin’s she is never mine, only during a session, a session I long for again.

Nothing ever did seem to work before her. No pleasure in the world, a dreary hand cast over the long horizon so that the sun barely had room to sneak peek into the earth for a time. I always had alcohol. I sometimes reminisce when I work and when she was far away from me. I didn't want her far away from me but it was only necessary that I do what I had to. She had instructed me to do it anyway; a little boy who liked to write codes.

She is everything and more to me, the ocean in a drop in my little universe, the small space of our lives where I was a little boy and she is my mummy. I want to believe she would always be my mommy. No image of another hand on my body ever came to mind. It was a love so pure and so true, it consumed me in a warm embrace that only got cozier and cozier. Truth is, even not being my mummy she is a fantastic baby sitter and I do love her.


The restaurant had a feverish throng of people that evening and it that made me uneasy. Miss RinRin ate from a pot of soup that I didn't very much like and I told her.

“But you'd be very hungry, Colin,” Miss RinRin said, “eat something”

I shook my head. The restaurant was not where I wanted to be.

“Mommy,” the word slipped out of my lips and I watched her face chameleon into a scowl.

“Miss RinRin,” she corrected, slowly.

“Miss RinRin,” I cooed, “I don't want to be here anymore.”

Miss RinRin's eyes turned away from me and she scanned the room observantly.

“Why's that, Colin?” She asked.

“I want to go home,” I said, pled with my eyes, “I'm scared.”

She scoffed. She was a good sitter and the attraction grew deeper with the moments like these that she showed me consideration even when she could have been selfish.

She ate her food in silence and when she was done, we went home.


Our evening after the night out at the restaurant had all the romantic expression of a quickly passing moment until she stroked me and she opened her lips, those gorgeous lips and in a smooth sonorous manner called me the word.

Little Boy

Something switched on in me. I felt it in me when she called me “Little boy” in such a tone of authority, a tone that made me feel safe. This was everything I wanted. It wasn't in the quickly passing world of business. It wasn't in the small flask of alcohol I was always with as an escape for my dull reality, caught in the same routine of new women and sex. It was in her, in RinRin


The first time it had happened I hadn't even fully internalized the name “Miss RinRin” and she had already owned me, called me “Little Boy”. Miss RinRin had been a name I would remember only as long as it served our purpose but I didn't think I had nearly the same conviction behind my words as Miss RinRin when she called me little boy. With her words, I knew I wanted more.

Call me Little Boy again.

Little Boy.


Little Boy

Pleasure ran over me, a train that had broken it's tracks and was running wild. It shot into the simple parts of my body I overlooked and thought little of. I felt the blood seeping into my fingernails and my toes twitched. The world aligned with the universe before it and there was a song of harmony in the wind, a refreshing feeling from the boring monotony that was mine to bear. Our evening had begun.

“You were such a naughty boy out today. I don't like it when you do that. If I take you out for dinner, you would eat what I tell you to,” she said.

“Miss RinRin, I didn't want to,” I explained.

“So you'd rather starve?” She said and as if she had conjured something in her mind started to walk away from me.

“Miss RinRin, don't be mad at me,” I pleaded, “don't leave me alone.”

Miss RinRin hated been followed so I sat still and apologized for my behavior. Miss RinRin turned about-face to me when she got to the door that led into the kitchen.

“I can't let you go to bed hungry,” she said, disappeared into the kitchen and returned with a bottle of baby formula.

I was ecstatic. Miss RinRin was the best.

“Now, I'm going to feed you but you'd have to promise me you would not make a mess. You have already been too naughty today,” she said.

“I won't Miss RinRin,” I answered.

Miss RinRin cradled my neck in her arms and held me upright as she bottle-fed me looking out for any drips that would signify to her that I was soiling myself.

“Good boy,” she commented at intervals as I drunk from her hands without protestations, “You are very hungry but you wouldn't eat when I took you to the restaurant,” she noted.

I had gulped the entire aqueous content of the bottle in minutes.

“Now, that's a good boy,” Miss RinRin said, “Take off your clothes. It's shower time.”

“Yes RinRin,” I said, barely able to contain the pleasure that tore through me. The night had started perfectly and the perfection seemed capable of running into my first patches of bedtime.

I peeled my clothes from my body quickly and sauntered behind MIss RinRin to the bathroom. She regarded my physique and it did make me horny for her flesh but it was not in my place to suggest so I maintained my silence.

I watched Miss RinRin's chest heave as she scrubbed my body and I felt the curtain of lust falling over my eyes. I swallowed nervously. Miss RinRin smiled. I could not tell the reason behind her smile. I wasn't a coward with people and I often wasn't scared when I felt flirty but with Miss RinRin, I couldn't bring myself to do that.

I valued Miss RinRin's domination and the way she treated me was pure bliss. I shut my eyes as the water sluiced over my shoulders. Miss RinRin washed my face, my body and she stroked my shaft clean.

It felt exhilarating while it lasted and Miss RinRin dried me with a plush white towel. Miss RinRin handed me a huge cotton robe and led me out of the bathroom. She bathed herself while I stood behind the door in wait for her and when she was done we went together to the bedroom. Her clothed, me naked… what a vulnerable and humiliating experience.

“Would you read me to sleep, Miss RinRin? I've been a good boy,” I inquired as she tucked me into bed for the night.

So Miss RinRin read me a book about vampires and their love lives. Miss RinRin kissed me when it got to the moments when the vampires kissed their children and I waited eagerly for moments in the story when it happened. I wasn't disappointed. Miss RinRin loved me with a kiss only until I was sleepy and she tucked me in and left the bed.

Miss RinRin hugged me and caressed the nape of my neck until I felt all the stress of the evening relieved from me.

“I love you, Miss RinRin,” I whispered, sleepy-eyed and cuddling her soft flesh.

Her body above mine, touching mine was warm. Her hands groping my flesh was consistent in its soothing quality as I hold my favorite stuffie.

“I love you, Miss RinRin,” I whispered, again and again, each time surer than I was the last time, slipping into the warm world of sleep in Miss RinRin's cuddle. I woke up, and it was time for the session to end… I still remember it. It was perfect.

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