Each item listed will tell you what kind of session these are offered in

This is a list compiled of some of Miss RinRin’s favorite activities. These are presented in alphabetical order for your convenience. These are NOT listed in order of favorite most to least or any other order other than alphabetical. If you do not see what you are looking for listed please contact us and we will gladly work with you.

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Adult Baby Diaper Lover

  • What can Miss RinRin say, she loves almost all aspects of ABDL. Miss RinRin wants to be the best babysitter you ever had an will probably be.

    • Wet Diaper Changes- You can have diaper changes during ABDL sessions.

    • Messy Diaper Changes- You can have messy diaper changes during your ABDL Session. Please just inform Miss RinRin in advance as she does not generally like this kind of surprise. No suppositories or enemas under any circumstances.

    • Bottle and Spoon Feedings- Miss RinRin does hold bottles for littles and spoon-feeds them their meals.

    • Baths- Not only does Miss RinRin have a bathtub but she has lots of toys, she will even wash your hair for you and help you dry off and get dressed.  

    • Storytime- Miss RinRin will read up to 5 stories from her library during your session.

    • Cuddles- Self-explanatory.

    • Boo-Boo Kisses- Did you get a boo-boo while traveling to Panda Playhouse? Fear not, Miss RinRin can kiss your little tiny boo-boos all better.

    • Coloring- Panda Playhouse provides coloring supplies for all littles.

    • Playing Games-Miss RinRin loves board games. She and her partner have too many to count. Want to have fun and play some games?

    • Built-in little to play with- Miss RinRin can provide a little to play with you (think younger or older brother, cousin, friend) there are additional fees for this but the individual you will be playing with is a REAL little just like you! He is a boy and plays the age of 2.


  • Miss RinRin has a very strict blackmail contract. If you think you can handle constantly looking over your shoulder. Not sure when Miss RinRin will send you a message to do something special just for her to keep your personal information… private.


  • Also known as Cock and Ball Torture, Miss RinRin believes that male genitalia is a hilarious thing and therefore should be abused whenever possible. One of her favorite first activities in a session is watching an induvial put on his cage. Life is so much better when your manhood is being tortured. And when given the freedom to go hard on your genitals, you can expect that Miss RinRin will never hold back.

    • Ballbusting –  If Miss RinRin can kick it, punch it, slap it, grab it, pull it, twist it, and overall cause extreme agony because of it, she will. The glee in her face is palpable for everyone in the room when her foot makes contact with testicles.

    • Chastity – THIS IS A REQUIREMENT FOR ALL SESSIONS WITH BIOLOGICAL MALES. If you identify as female but have male genitalia you can use the female pronoun but you must wear chastity.

      • When in doubt, lock it up. If you are unsure as to whether you should enter a session in your chastity device already on, the answer will almost always be an enthusiastic “YES”. As a lifestyle keyholder, Miss RinRin believes that tease and denial is so much more fun when the sub has not had a release for quite a few days (if not weeks-months) at a time. In any case, what makes you think your manhood has any validity in her presence? Best just to lock it up and hide the key.

Full Transformation / Sissification / Forced Feminization

  • These sessions are some of Miss RinRin’s favorite. Miss RinRin has a strict routine that she follows for all sessions. Check out the Sissy session on this website for more information.

Impact / Strike Play

  • Corporal Punishment –Miss RinRin is more than familiar with the joys of discipline and punishment. Miss RinRin is well-versed in most corporal punishment instruments, including but not limited to canes, paddles, straps, floggers, and of course, her palms for a good ol’ fashioned BB OTK (bare bottom over the knee) spanking.

    • From a sweet delighted and sensual Mistress to strict Disciplinarian, Miss RinRin is extremely comfortable in all roles where she is administering punishment and pain.

    • In the most ideal situations, you would be able to take marks in a pure corporal session. There are plenty of ways to go about it without leaving marks, but let’s be honest –  isn’t one of the best parts of a whipping the fond remembrance from the marks it left behind?

Pet Play

  • You will be her loyal steed or fawning puppy, not with real animals, silly. She has always said that slaves were more like pets than people, so why not take it to the next level?

Roleplays / Psychodramas


  • Miss RinRin has an active imagination and a theatrical personality, so roleplays are a great outlet for that. She is open to all roleplay suggestions provided that Miss RinRin is always the top in the scenario.

    • Miss RinRin will never play the part of “Mommy” just babysitter.

Roughhousing & Beatdowns

  • Slapping, punching, grabbing, and a good ol’ fashioned bruising. A fun session of physical bullying always puts a twinkle in Miss RinRin’s eye and a bounce in her step. You can expect her to be laughing the entire time and upbeat music playing in the background. Her beatdown sessions are always very fast-paced and intense because that’s how Miss RinRin likes them. (15-minute warm-up, 30-minute beatdown, and 15-minute cool-down)

Shopping & Financial Domination

  • What Mistress doesn’t like being spoiled by unworthy losers? Enough said about that

Slave Training

  • For the true submissive. Classical high protocol, strict Female Supremacist training to rebuild you into her ideal, sub-human slave. Be prepared to have your old notion of self; broken down for a higher cause, Miss RinRin’s cause.

Tickle Torture

  • Miss RinRin is sure that she will be able to find your particularly sensitive spots that make you weak in the knees. Miss RinRin prefers tickle torture to be done in bondage so there is no way to escape on your part.



Hard limits are always changing, sometimes Miss RinRin goes into a session and something happens and she has to make it a hard limit or word it differently.

Illegal activities. Enough said on this one.


Beastality. Anything to do with animals.


Enemas and suppositories


Biting. Miss RinRin will not bite you, do not bite her.


Crushing (live sessions). Miss RinRin will Role Play this fetish via text message sessions


Cutting. No cutting or stitching.


Drugs. Before or during a session.


Kissing. Any part of you. Any part of Miss RinRin. (Except ABDL boo-boo-kisses)

Minors. No one under the age of 21


Showers. No golden, ruby, brown, roman or other.


Smoking. It's not healthy for anyone to smoke.


“Jobs” of any kind. Handjobs, blow jobs, etc. These are within the domain of a kinky escort or a full-service Domme in the US, so if you require these, you should search one out rather than going to a Mommy Domme and Dominatrix. Miss RinRin is sure escorts would be far happier and more skilled than Miss RinRin in assisting you in these endeavors.


(The United States has a specific tradition of separating heteronormative sexual activities from classical Professional Domination. What is standard in the States is not necessarily standard in other countries.)

Worship. This is never an option. Despite how glorious Miss RinRin’s body might be to you, worshiping her and touching her is never an option. After all, isn’t part of all the fun showing you what you can’t have? Only worship allowed is foot worship where foot massage from client to Miss RinRin is offered. This is from her toes to her knees. This is the only time you are allowed to touch Miss RinRin.

Requests for topless or bottomless outfits and nudity. Miss RinRin never accepts any requests for nudity of any kind because her body is not yours. Any excessive requests of nudity will be promptly ignored. Miss RinRin will probably end up being extra covered because she’ll find you rude.

Breast smothering. Miss RinRin does not have generous breasts to even engage in this activity in a comfortable manner. Did you want her ribcage rubbed upon your face? (This is a rhetorical question and not up for debate. Doing breast smothering with small breasts is highly physically uncomfortable for her as it is just bone on bone.)

Competitive wrestling. Miss RinRin only engages in fantasy wrestling. Miss RinRin is a woman and is not trained in wrestling or martial arts, so she is not interested in engaging in potentially violent and dangerous activities to her own body. She is only interested in wrestling scenarios where Miss RinRin is guaranteed a win and you are essentially a sack of human that Miss RinRin can toss around. Anybody who crosses this automatically incurs a canceled session the moment upon doing so.

A switch or submissive scenarios. This should be self-explanatory, and if you feel the need to push this, you are in the wrong place. Miss RinRin is very confident that you cannot do anything to sway her otherwise. Attempts to do anything otherwise will not even be deemed worthy of a response and will almost certainly result in immediate blocking.


Remember, when you insist on asking someone to do something they have enthusiastically said no to, you are violating their consent. Consent is the most important aspect of playing in BDSM. Miss RinRin does not tolerate consent-pushing in any form.

Animals of any kind. Miss RinRin does not do any type of animal crushing whatsoever, nor will Miss RinRin engage in any sort of play with animals of any size. This includes bugs (insects, worms, spiders, etc.). Bugs are animals too, you monsters.

Cumming… near me, on me or at Panda Playhouse or hotels or anywhere that Miss RinRin is doing a session with you. This includes inside diapers. All biological males please arrive wearing chastity; touching yourself!  Miss RinRin can’t believe she has had to say this, but you may not cum under any circumstances. She is not your cumbucket. You are your cumbucket.

Talking badly about other women. Miss RinRin is not into this at all. To her denigrating your wife/girlfriend/partner/coworkers/etc. is way too disrespectful to listen too.


Of course,  ANY TYPE  of sex or sexual IDEAS, THOUGHTS or SCENES. This is self-explanatory.