Safety Tips

With any BDSM play, there are always dangers you need to be aware of…


Any movement restrictions need to be monitored for proper circulation and no tissue damage. There also needs to be a fast way to get out of said bondage if any problems pop up.


Similar to bondage, it might be dangerous to leave a “pet” in a small cage for too long since it doesn’t allow them to move (and maintain proper blood flow). If you want them to sleep in an enclosure, make sure there’s plenty of room.


Human food is not pet food and pet food is not human food. Never make people eat puppy kibble. There are plenty of ways to fake canned dog chow or kitten treats with normal food (and proper nutritional values) – even if you’re vegan or vegetarian.


Maybe you want your puppy to take a walk. Perhaps you want your pony to pull a cart. No matter what, always remember that human tissue isn’t as strong as hooves or paws (even real dogs need sweaters in cold weather). Make sure you’re aware of the temperature and that they are wearing the proper protection on their knees, hands, etc.


“Public play” isn’t PUBLIC play. You never go to a place where non-consensual and young eyes could see what you’re doing. Public simply means you’re going to a place where other kinksters are playing (like BDSM parties, kink festivals, private parties, etc.)


If you want your pet to be completely non-verbal with human-speak, you STILL need a clear SAFE WORD if there are emotional or physical problems. OR, you can allow the one verbal exception to be the safe word.