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Pet Play (also known as animal play) is a kind of role-play where the submissive enters a behavioral or mental state of the animal they are role-playing as and their Dominant (normally called Master, Trainer or Handler), takes on the role of owner or caretaker.

It might seem like a straight forward concept, but pet play is an umbrella term for a collection of adaptations or preferences that exist within a niche, but fun, kink.



Animal roleplay is a form of roleplay where at least one participant plays the part of a non-human animal. As with most forms of roleplay, its uses include play and psychodrama.

Animal roleplay may also be found in BDSM contexts, where an individual may take part in a Dominant/submissive relationship by being treated like an animal. The activity is often referred to as pet play.

However, not all types of animal roleplay within BDSM are pet play and not all pet play in BDSM involves roleplaying as an animal; some can be referred to as primal play and are not related or accepted by the furry fandom.

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