Ways to Interact with Miss RinRin

Realtime Servitude

Ready to play? Serve Miss RinRin at Panda Playhouse in real life by setting up a session. Please make sure you are vetted first.

Vettings and Casual meetings

Miss RinRin does have everyone get vetted before working with them. This includes Distance Training as well.

We realize that some of you are scared to dip your toe in immediately. Perhaps you’ve been burned by a not-so-great experience with another provider, perhaps you’re an over-thinker and need a gentle introduction, or perhaps you just want to have a BDSM consultation of sorts. Whatever the reason, Miss RinRin is more than happy to meet up with you for a casual introduction at a buffet or restaurant of her choice to chat. These meetings are not true sessions and do not involve any play of any kind. Miss RinRin will not be dressed up in fetish gear.

Consider it a social introduction before the actual play. Her casual meetings typically last 1-2 hours. You will, of course, pick up the bill.

To learn more about vetting aspects go to the vettings tab on this website.

Distance Training

You may also admire from afar, thanks to the wonders of our contemporary age, you can.

  • 120-minute roleplay text message session.

  • 30-minute video chat

  • 5 days a week check-in (roughly 15 minutes a day )

  • 60-minute phone call (no video)



Miss RinRin also attends conventions and other events.

Miss RinRin is currently based out of Central Pennsylvania. Miss RinRin does all of her sessions at Panda Playhouse. Panda Playhouse is discreet, well-maintained, and highly regarded. Miss RinRin believes in maintaining a respectable standard of quality for herself and her clients.