What is a Furry

The Furry Fandom is a subculture that is mainly interested in functional anthropomorphic animal-like characters with human personalities and characteristics.

Some of these examples include human intelligence, facial expressions, speaking, walking on two legs and wearing clothing.

Furry fandom is also used to refer to the community of people who gather on the internet and at furry conventions.

While the furry fandom is not always sexual, some people have a fetish towards it and the art.

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How A Member Describes Being A Fur

By J.J.

We are a group of people with an appreciation for anthropomorphic art. Think of Cartoons with Bipedal talking animals.

With this, some artists specialize in creating pieces around this, with many crafting their original character. Some may get costumes of their personality which they use at conventions, meet-ups or just entertainment.

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How A Friend Describes the Fur Fandom


People who enjoy theorizing the interactions of animals with human qualities in a day to day life. Fans of anthropomorphic animals in art, animations, games, stories, and other things. Many people of this subculture are artists and creators who use many different platforms and outlets for their work. The community contains people of all walks of life, anywhere between artists to State representatives and legal justices. Many people use Furry to step outside their comfort zone and grow as individuals.

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