Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Panda Playhouse, LLC

Are other people at Panda Playhouse

  1. Yes, there is a great possibility that other people will be in the building at the time of play, this does not mean however they will be participating with you unless you paid for an additional playmate.
  2. Miss RinRin’s Partner, known as GamerKitty will most likely be in or around the building at any given time.

What are Panda Playhouse’s and Miss RinRin’s hourly rates?

Her tributes are contingent upon the session interests and if there are any add-ons you are interested in. You can look under the sessions tab of this site to see all of the prices and what is included in each type of service. Panda Playhouse only has a fee for overnight guests.

Is Panda Playhouse wheelchair accessible?

Panda Playhouse is not wheelchair or handicap accessible. If you need this type of care then you can schedule something for a local hotel room where Miss RinRin will do the session there for your safety. You would be required to pay for the hotel room.

Are you really an LLC?

  1. Yes, we are a legal business. We are registered with the state of Pennsylvania under a Limited Liability Company.
    1. If you would like to do business with Miss RinRin and/or Panda Playhouse such as using her as a vendor she can provide you with:
      1. Articles of Organization
      2. Operating Agreement
      3. EIN
      4. Fictitious name documents
    2. Miss RinRin can provide you with EIN numbers for tax purposes if you donate a large sum or an item of great value.

Questions for Miss RinRin

Are you available?

No, Miss RinRin is not. Miss RinRin requires a minimum of one week's notice for all sessions as well as all sessions paid in full at least 24 hours before a session. Confirmed regulars have the privilege of setting up last-minute appointments, but Miss RinRin still prefers all sessions to be booked 48h in advance. Also, Miss RinRin is available for what? Please elaborate on your session interests so that Miss RinRin knows we are a compatible match.

Can I be your slave or houseboy?

If you need to ask that, then no. Consider the fact that you are asking this question within the dynamic of a professional and client, and therefore Miss RinRin is assuming you are inquiring about free play. Her slaves do not get free play – they are still expected to session with her, but they get the privilege of serving her outside of just the sessions. Within the dynamic of professional and client, Miss RinRin only takes slaves on should they demonstrate excellence and trust over several years. Miss RinRin has no interest in taking on anybody as a personal slave right from the get-go. That’s like asking for a hand in marriage upon first meeting. How do you know if you and Miss RinRin are even compatible? Also, Miss RinRin does not have any sort of sexual arrangements with any of her slaves nor does Miss RinRin have “sex slaves”. Her sessions and services are always 100% sexual free. Miss RinRin has a husband for that, and you are not him. Her definition of personal slaves lies in service, not personal pleasure. Think in terms of “House Boy” Service which means activities that lift her out of the banal (example: things Miss RinRin can’t do or does not feel like doing), like cleaning her house, washing her truck, doing the dishes, grabbing takeout, and driving her to and from the airport. Being a personal slave does not mean that you will be chained to her basement and Miss RinRin will never be feeding you her lover’s cum and/or riding your face Want to be her slave or houseboy? Show her your commitment and work for it. If Miss RinRin enjoys you, Miss RinRin may have you run a few errands for her.

When are you available?

Miss RinRin is currently available for vetting, phone calls and text sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5 pm to 9 pm. Miss RinRin is currently available for in-person sessions on both Saturdays and Sundays

  1. Saturday: 8 am to midnight.
  2. Sundays: midnight to 8 pm

Why do you need 48H to book?

Everybody has a specific amount of time it takes for them to get ready, when they check their emails, and what their schedules are like. Miss RinRin does not do same-day appointments because you need to be vetted first. All first-time individuals must be vetted. If anything changed since your last visit with her then you must become vetted again. This is for everyone's safety. Vetting only occurs on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Miss RinRin is also frequently out of town, so setting it up in advance confirms that she can get back in time.

What are Panda Playhouse’s and Miss RinRin’s hourly rates?

Her tributes are contingent upon the session interests and if there are any add-ons you are interested in. You can look under the sessions tab of this site to see all of the prices and what is included in each type of service. Panda Playhouse only has a fee for overnight guests.

If I do x and y, can Miss RinRin lower my tribute?

No. Bargaining and haggling are extreme turn-offs for Miss RinRin and ALL Panda Playhouse Staff. You’ve already set yourself up for a mediocre session by disgruntling Miss RinRin and undervaluing the service she provides Also, if you are offering up your servitude, Miss RinRin has plenty of personal slaves to take care of whatever likely-menial task you are suggesting (and they are probably better trained and more reliable than you). True slaves do not bargain with Miss RinRin or any staff. If you need a lower tribute, then seek becoming a VIP Member

Is Miss RinRin planning to come to (city)?

If your city is not on Miss RinRin’s tour schedule, then you can safely assume that she has no current plans to visit said city. You may, however, submit a polite request for her to travel to your city provided that you generously sponsor the flight and lodging. As always you can view where she is going by following her on social media.

Where are you located?

In Central Pennsylvania, Miss RinRin takes all of her sessions at Panda Playhouse, which is their private residence. Panda Playhouse is a private and clean home. We allow guests to shower and have off-street parking. Miss RinRin does occasionally travel to conventions and travels for personal enjoyment. If you would like to set up a session during her travels please let her know and Miss RinRin will gladly set something up with you. To find out where Miss RinRin is going to be please follow her on social media:

  1. Twitter: MissRinRin88
  2. Tumblr: MissRinRin121
  3. Instagram: PandaPlayhouse2020
  4. Fetlife: Redneck-Princess

Does Miss RinRin see first-timers, novices, or people without references?

Yes, as long as you have a courteous and thoughtful application, are compatible with her, and follow all remaining protocols, rules and regulations then we are more than happy to be your first professional ABDL Sitter or BDSM Domination experience. Miss RinRin is many people’s first real-time session ever and love being their first real-time experience. *Please note that all new clients will be vetted regardless if you have references or not.

I want to session with Miss RinRin at Panda Playhouse but I am nervous. Does Miss RinRin have any other options for me?

Of course. Miss RinRin is happy that you are cognizant of your feelings within this realm and think it’s important to move at a pace that is comfortable with you. Miss RinRin would suggest either a phone, text message or a Skype session to get you and Miss RinRin more acquainted with each other without the pressure of an in-person session. Miss RinRin also does in-person vetting at a public location (typically a buffet); these vetting sessions are not dynamically Femdom, but instead casual meetings to get us acquainted with each other. Vetting is a requirement for Miss RinRin’s services.

Can you send me photos of yourself?

Unless they are pictures of what was taken in a session, all other pictures are given with tribute. Plenty of photos exist of Miss RinRin via social media and it doesn’t take an internet whiz to find them.

Miss RinRin is plus size. What is her height? Weight? Shoe size? ETC?

  1. Miss RinRin is 5’4″ and weighs 275 pounds
  2. Miss RinRin has a shoe size of a wide 10 US.
    1. She is far from petite, despite what her pictures may cause you to think.
  3. Hair color: Blondish Brown, with colored highlights on occasion.
  4. Eye color: Brown
  5. Birthday: December 11th
  6. Sign: Sagittarius

Do you see couples? Do you teach couples?

Yes! Miss RinRin loves playing with and teaching couples. Let her know what you are specifically aiming to experience or learn, and she’d be more than happy to participate. Miss RinRin also adores watching how others play, so this is always quite exciting for her.

Do you host or participate in munches?

  1. Yes, if you look under the about section of this website you will see that we host munches and events.
  2. Miss RinRin and Gamerkitty also attend munches. You can follow both Miss RinRin and Gamerkitty on Fetlife to see what they are participating in.
    1. Miss RinRin’s fetlife is Redneck-Princess
    2. GamerKitty’s fetlife is Gamerkitty

General Questions

Why do I need to pay in full? Can I get my deposit back?

Miss RinRin’s schedule does tend to get booked up quickly, a deposit for booking ensures that Miss RinRin’s time is not wasted when she cuts out a portion of her schedule just for you. Timewasters are prevalent throughout her line of work and it is something that Miss RinRin accounts for with every single person that books with her. When you do not show up for our session but ask for that space to be reserved for you, Miss RinRin could have booked someone else during that time, and therefore Miss RinRin has lost on another session that may have made up for your lack. Think about it this way: an in-demand restaurant will frequently charge for last-minute cancellations on reservations because they have reserved that spot for you and could have filled it with another reservation. Miss RinRin is the same. If you are unsure of your schedule on the day that you have booked with Panda Playhouse or Miss RinRin and do not want to send a deposit, Miss RinRin reserves the right to book over your session should someone else want your time slot and sends a deposit before you do. If you are a regular, have not sent a deposit for the session, and cancel last-minute, Miss RinRin also reserves the right to ask for the session tribute in full. Should you cancel your session within 48h of our session, Miss RinRin will keep the deposit. Earlier than that, your deposit will be reserved for a future session rescheduling within a month of your original date. If you do not reschedule within the month, your deposit will be forfeited. All payments are expected to be paid in full 24 hours before the session is to start. Due to privacy concerns as well as corporate America’s distrust of dominatrix (blame your financial institutions, not Panda Playhouse or Miss RinRin), Miss RinRin or Panda Playhouse does not have any options for refunding deposits.

Can I reschedule after sending a deposit?

Sure, you can! You are allowed to reschedule one time so long as it is done so before one week of the session (fly-me-to-you sessions notwithstanding). Your whole deposit will be reserved for the next date of your choosing within a month. If you are rescheduling while Miss RinRin is on tour, Miss RinRin will not allow for the deposit to be reserved for the next time Miss RinRin is back in that particular city.

Is my fetish weird? How common is my fetish?

We get it: you’re apprehensive about coming out with your kinks, and that’s ok. Ultimately, our vocation deals with the “weird”. That’s what fetish, ABDL and BDSM exist around – the alternative sexual desires. Everything is weird, and nothing is. We’re all in the same kinky boat together. We don’t like calling anybody’s sexual desire’s “weird” or “strange” because it is not up to us to judge. After all, Miss RinRin is a Mommy Domme and Dominatrix! Miss RinRin probably does stranger things than you daily, and few things faze any staff in that regard. What Miss RinRin sees as “common” is only relative to the clientele that Miss RinRin attracts within that area, so Miss RinRin can’t tell you how prevalent a fetish is in any given population because Miss RinRin is only one person in a very specific niche in a very specific location in time and space. Our knowledge of popularity (or unpopularity) is merely anecdotal.

How long of a session do you recommend for me?

Miss RinRin has a one hour minimum for most sessions, but as a general whole, Miss RinRin prefers all her sessions to be a minimum of three or more hours. Unless you have a very specific fetish or scenario that will take less than an hour, Miss RinRin finds that one hour frequently feels rushed and forced. For novices, Miss RinRin likes to take the extra time to ease them into the scene and develop rapport and trust between the two. An hour may seem overwhelming or intimidating with the sheer density of sensations that may occur. Also, a rushed Mistress is not a happy Mistress. Therefore, the sweet spot for most of her sessions run between 3-5 hours, depending on session interests. Certain activities bode better with longer sessions. For full transformation/sissification, Miss RinRin recommends a minimum of 4 hours purely for all the makeup preparation and shaving.

I’m a broke college student. Does Miss RinRin or Panda Playhouse give discounts?

We have monthly savings subscription plans for members. If you are not on a membership plan, we do not do discounts of any kind. Female Domination is a luxury, not a necessity. Miss RinRin has spent time and money honing her craft & skillset, and her tribute reflects that. In the same way that you have spent money on your education to better your job future, so has Miss RinRin. Miss RinRin does not continue conversations with hagglers. If you are on a limited spending limit, you have a couple of options:

  1. Choose one of the payment plans Miss RinRin and Panda Playhouse offers.
  2. Set up a phone, text message, or Skype session.
  3. Save up money.

What are the payment plans?

As a team, we have come up with four (4) different payment plans to help you. This is for your convenience and it makes it more troublesome for our team. Please keep this in mind that we are already helping you. Do not ask for discounts or any payment plan you do not see listed.

Option one pay in full.

Option two pay 25% when booking, 25% 2 weeks before, 25% one week before and 25% 24 hours before the session.

Option three you and Miss RinRin will discuss your finances. Giving her basic information on what your monthly income is and your bills. Then you both will discuss what you can pay weekly. Once your total amount is paid or close to being paid you book the session.

Option four is Miss RinRin and you discuss a date and she will tell you how much to pay weekly or monthly until that date.

*ALL OPTIONS come with a legal contract. This ensures that Miss RinRin and Panda Playhouse get paid and ensures you are going to get the services you want when completed.

Do I need to tip?

Miss RinRin’s tributes are set so that tips are not necessary, however, they are highly appreciated (and of course, Miss RinRin takes personal note of all tippers). Did you have a wonderful time and want to show it? A tip is a fine way of showing your gratitude.

Do you see women/trans/etc as well?

Absolutely. Miss RinRin believes that every gender should be able to experience ABDL play, Femdom, and BDSM. Miss RinRin loves playing with all types of bodies and sexualities! Miss RinRin is a firm supporter and ally of the LGBT community and believes that everybody should be allowed to explore Femdom, regardless of your orientation, identification, and background. (Obviously, this doesn’t mean you are entitled to a session to regardless of poor behavior or lack of tribute.)

Can I ask Miss RinRin or Gamerkitty out on a date?

Miss RinRin does not date her clients. Gamerkitty does not date Miss RinRin’s clients. You can, however, set up a social outing with either or both for dinner, drinks, and perhaps the opera or theater. All of Miss RinRin’s social outings require a tribute, and you will be expected to pay for everything else that night.

What should I bring to my session?

All individuals must bring all of their equipment. This is for sanitary purposes and it is safer to use what the client is already used to and knows. It cuts down on the possibilities of allergic reactions as well. Your items must be brought into our space discretely.

Bring items that make you feel comfortable and confident.

Make sure you have a change of clothing as all people must walk in and out of our building in VANILLA attire.

If you are biologically male you are required to wear a chastity device.

Do not however bring any drugs to your session at all.

If you also wish to present Miss RinRin or GamerKitty with a tip or gift, we would greatly appreciate it but it is never required.

How should I prepare for our session?

  1. Here at Panda Playhouse, we expect you to be prepared by being freshly showered and having excellent hygiene. Being of a sound mind and with good rest is preferable considering the paces you may be going through. Arriving at your session sober is an absolute must. If you wish to give yourself an enema that is fine but not required. Suitable amenities exist for you to shower facilities if needed.
    1. If you are using an enema you are responsible for cleaning up the bathroom when finished. Cleaning products will be provided.
    2. Please note that enemas are not allowed to be used during a session, this is just for your cleaning benefit.

I want to book a session without filling out the booking form, is that ok?

Due to the high volume of pranks and time wasters, Panda Playhouse and Miss RinRin will only consider taking new clients who have respectfully read this site and filled out the form.

What do you do with the forms? What do you do with my personal information?

We keep personal information in a locked box in a locked closet in our office. This is just for our protection. Miss RinRin is the only induvial with the key. Your legal name and all your information are never shared. We use this for our protection of rule breakers.

I want to bring a partner to watch, they won’t participate so can they come for free?

Sitting in a room getting turned on and talking or watching IS participating. The couples rate applies and is not negotiable. Couples rates are always 1.5 unless you are on a VIP Membership plan

You do not offer discounts or negotiations. Can I barter a skill I have?

  1. Panda Playhouse does offer discounts to people who come to play regularly, we have plans for individuals who come often. The more you come, the more you’ll save. These plans are VIP Membership plans.
  2. Currently, Miss RinRin is only willing to barter for the following items and skills. All items must be given to Miss RinRin before she will do the session. This is because people have promised to get the following items to her for exchange of services but failed to do so.
    1. Reorganizing her closet
    2. Filming or voice recording
    3. Boudoir photoshoot (You must be a real photographer with a studio within a 30-minute drive)
      1. If she likes your style this could be an ongoing thing.
    4. Adult crib of her choice
    5. If you truly feel you have a unique skill please ask, you never know what someone might need.

I like a playmate, can one be provided so I am not playing alone

Yes, right now you may play with a chubby ABDL male, real age 35, little age 2.

Is it true I must wear a chastity device at all sessions? I do not like them.

Unfortunately, this rule has no exception. Yes, you must wear one the entire session. You may immediately take it off after the session ends for your drive home.

How does fly-me-to-you sessions work? I can’t come to you.

  1. Fly-me-to-you-sessions are when you pay for Miss RinRin to travel first class to come to visit you. You must book her for at least six hours and then provide her with first-class transportation back home.
  2. All fly to me sessions also include meals for Miss RinRin and a top-rated 5 start overnight hotel for her to say at.
  3. Sessions can be done at the hotel, in your home, or other location.
  4. Fly-me-to-you sessions need to be booked at least 1 month in advance.

Do you sell products?

Yes, Miss RinRin does sell and vend products, please contact her directly if you are interested in buying items from her.

Is Panda Playhouse a Legal Business?

  1. Yes, we are a legal business. We are registered with the state of Pennsylvania under a Limited Liability Company.
    1. If you would like to do business with Miss RinRin and/or Panda Playhouse such as using her as a vendor she can provide you with:
      1. Articles of Organization
      2. Operating Agreement
      3. EIN
      4. Fictitious name documents
    2. Miss RinRin can provide you with EIN numbers for tax purposes if you donate a large sum or an item of great value.

Can I pay via a check or send a tip using a check?

  1. Yes, you can send a check to Panda Playhouse or Miss RinRin.
  2. PLEASE NOTE: All checks must be deposited and cleared before booking.
    1. Send all checks to our PO box.
    2. Write checks payable to Panda Playhouse

PO Box: 452

Shamokin Dam, PA 17876

Why do I need to be a member of your site to book?

Being a member is free. We ask that you are a member to book because it helps make sure you are a real person and allows for better communication if one aspect fails such as a miss spelling when booking or becoming a site member. It also helps Miss RinRin know who is serious and who isn’t .