Panda Playhouse and Miss RinRin hold events 4-6 times a year. When you come to any of the events you can be yourself and express who you want to be.

All of the events are free of judgment from the owner and all of the other attendees.

The events are open to all kinksters but we do hold special events geared towards particular kinks and fetishes.


Types of Events

  • Kink & Fetish Play Party

  • Weekend long events

  • AB & DL Events

  • Meet and Greets


ABDL Events:

These are held all weekend. Everyone plays board games, video games and hangs out with padding while sipping on bottles, having their paci and wearing cute adult baby attire.


Meet and Greets:

Events held for a few hours

Meet and Greets are designed mainly for furs but anyone is able to attend. These are strictly vanilla events where people gather and hang out for a few hours or an entire day.

Meet and Greets are for people of any age. If you are 18 years or younger you must attend with a responsible adult.