Event Committee

Meet the committee before attending an event

An event committee is a small group of members who attend almost all events and activities. These members help come up with new ideas, new places and fun things to do when Miss RinRin is having a hard time thinking. Event Committee members are also able to vet someone. If you are not sure if you are vetted or would like to become vetted, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of us.

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A little bit about myself. Sorry I am not good at this sort of stuff never know what to write. Let me start Hi my name is Joey is it short for Joseph which is my middle name it also represents my little mindset.

Adult Side

Outside of my ABDL headspace (I guess that is what it is called) I have many interests from pottery, pets, outdoor activities, and etc. I am a very hands-on person I like creating things with my hands. As an adult and little I love to draw paint color and play with clay. Getting dirty while involved in an activity is part of the fun.

Little Side

I have been an ABDL for a long time, but very private about it. It was not until 2017 that I started sharing this side of me with others in and around the ABDL community. I knew there were others like me but never truly connected with anyone until 2017 when I discovered it was a very large community filled with wonderful friendly people. It became a whole new world of people to get to know and socialize with me. For me I cannot explain when it truly started or why I have an ABDL side. Honestly, I do not care for I am happy with who I am. I am easy going love meeting new people and trying new things.

I am not sure where I fall in my little age range I would guess between 2 and 5.

I have found many within the ABDL community are gamers. I know very little about gaming but enjoy learning and joining in. Whatever I am doing I find I have a lot more fun with it when I am diapered. I cannot sleep without my bear. Big fan of cuddly stuff like blankets and stuffed animal, I always have been. I love old cartoons but also love current one’s such as Sponge Bob and Paw Patrol. I have a lot of paw patrol stuff. I am on the shy side, so it does take me a bit to open up, but do not let that stop you from saying Hi or getting to know me.


A friend referred me to Miss RinRin and her events along with trying other events out to see if I would enjoy meeting others ABDL’s. I figured I would start small with meeting Miss RinRin and joining her for one of her littles weekend events. I was welcomed warmly into the events. I originally planned on just spending the day but ended up spending the night enjoying everyone’s company. I felt at ease right away. It was my first time every being openly diapered/padded in front of others. Strangely I did not feel uncomfortable with it at all. I felt so at peace with myself, enjoyed chatting and getting to know everyone. I had no worries at all and very accepted. I have been attending Miss Rin Rin’s littles weekend ever since and always have a good time. They are so relaxing and a chance to just be me. Leave the outside world and its stressors behind and just be me around friendly inviting people. Since that first event I have been more open and have been able to spend so much more time exploring my ABDL side it has made my life happier. Miss RinRin and the others are very accepting and no judgments. You can truly just be yourself at her events.

Since Miss RinRin’s Events had such an impact on me I wanted to be part of her team to help others feel the same way.

For anyone looking for a safe place to just be yourself try one of Miss RinRin’s events, it would be great to meet you.

Big Hugs Joey 


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Hi there! My name is Steven but I also answer to Steve and Stevie. I’ve been in the ABDL scene for a long time but just recently have gotten involved in going out and meeting others in the last several years.

Adult Side:

My favorite passion over everything is roller coasters.

Little Side:

My favorite activity to enjoy being Little is coloring. I’m also an avid gamer and played some interesting games as well


I started going to Miss RinRin’s events back in Summer of 2016 which was held at an amusement park. Since that day I’ve been coming regularly to her events and have always left knowing I had a good time. I like going to her events because it’s a judgement free environment. Your accepted for who you are and don’t have to be afraid of feeling alone any longer. Going to these events provide me an escape from the stress of all that life throws at you and lets me get comfortable with something that I can regularly enjoy. The activities that we do are sometimes planned out or sometimes at random.

I became part of the committee because I enjoy being part of the community she has provided for us.

I encourage all that want to get out there make new friends and not feel alone to come and attend her events. It’s stress free and you can come as you are whether you be a baby boy, baby girl, sissy, furry whatever doesn’t matter. A good time is generally a guarantee and you’ll feel like you’re no longer alone in a community that consists of thousands of individuals.





Hello, I can go by many nicknames like Dan or Danny or DJ

Adult Side:

I work in a swimming pool factory as a CNC operator and I am also a volunteer firefighter. I like to play video games I also built two gaming computers.

Little Side:

My little age can range from 3 to 9 years. I like to color and play with legos and cuddle my stuffies. I have been into ABDL since 2008. I wear diapers when in little space at any of the little ages. I also like watching cartoons like Paw Patrol and Bluey and anything Disney. I have a few stuffies as well.


I started attending Miss RinRin's events in 2018. I have been attending almost all of her events. It is a great time and an escape from the adult world and just fun being around other littles and playing games. I must say the events are well planned and are always a fun time and there are always interesting board games to play.