Poppy The Calf

Poppy The Calf is a good friend of Miss RinRin’s. She has worked with Miss RinRin on several projects. Poppy is willing to serve members of Panda Playhouse and offer art for a very reasonable rate. Just tell her that Miss RinRin sent you! Below is some additional information that Poppy the Calf sent out



I'm a Canadian furry artist that recently started taking commissions. My native language is French, but I fluidly understand English. It's been since the end of Autumn 2020 that people commission me to give life to their universe. I've been drawing since the age of 4 years old, and it has been my lifetime dream to draw as my main job. My vanilla job is as a caregiver in a nursing home. I spend most of my days off drawing for others and I love it. I also love to give attention to smaller subcommunities in the furry fandom and to make them grow.

I mainly focus my artwork around babyfurs, inflatables/pool toy-furs, and plushsonas. I especially love to draw adorable, colorful cartoon-like characters. You might also find some not safe for work (NSFW), messing, and other drawings that are out of my comfort zone, but those subjects help me try different techniques and learn more after every piece.

I am mostly active on Telegram, which is where I share all the work in progress and discuss actively with the clients to fill their needs and adjust the details. It is very important to have good communication all along the process to be as precise as possible and to not miss anything. The software used is Paint Tool Sai, along with Photoshop and Autodesk Sketchbook for every drawing. You will receive the final piece in .PNG via e-mail or Telegram, as you will prefer. I only call it done when we are both satisfied with the final result.


Commission price list

Note how I gather my prices: I charge 10 CAD per hour (8 USD) and that my prices are fixed with the time I spend on every detail to offer you the best artwork that I possibly can.

I do not charge sketches. Payments must be made via PayPal.

I will need you to be in communication with me as much as possible during the work in progress to discuss every step of the project and to offer satisfaction to the customer.


Coloring page (character full-body, line only, no accessories, no background) 10$CAD





A simple flat colored drawing(no shading at all) is

10$CAD for an icon (face and neck)

15$CAD for a bust or half body

20$CAD for a full body


+5$CAD for a flat colored outfit

+5$CAD for a flat colored diaper (if you pay for an outfit, you do not pay for the diaper)

+5$CAD for complex patterns

+5$CAD for accessories

+10$CAD to 30$CAD for the flat colored, more complex background

+15$CAD if it's a diaper-critter





A fully shaded colored drawing is

25$CAD for a shaded icon (face and neck)

35$CAD for a shaded bust

70$CAD for a shaded full body


Extras :

+10$CAD for shaded hair

+10$CAD for shaded accessory

+5$CAD to 15$CAD for shaded clothing. A simple top without any pattern is free.

+5$CAD for complex patterns (no fees on complex patterns if they are hidden with clothing)

+5$CAD for fluffy character

+10$CAD for shaded bat/dragon wings

+10$CAD to 20$CAD for shaded feathered wings depending on the size and the number of details in the feathers

+5$CAD to 15$CAD for shaded scales (depending on the complexity asked and the parts of the body shown)

+30$CAD if it's a diaper critter


Fully shaded backgrounds and sceneries can higher the price by a ton of hours. It is preferable to wait for open YCHs than to commission a fully shaded background because I do not fully charge the background to the YCH price.

patreon stringz.jpg

Terms Of Services

Please Read Before Commissioning Poppy

I will evaluate the price depending on the complexity of the drawing BEFORE starting it, so I can determine approximately the number of hours I will spend on it.


I DO NOT CHARGE THE ROUGH SKETCHES, so if I redo the sketch multiple times, it does not affect the price, except if demands are added when the drawing is already started.


If you publish my work, you have to credit me. You do not have the right to claim it as being your own work. I do not have the right to reuse your character without any clear consent. This includes your character's personal clothing, accessories, or characteristics. I reserve the right to replicate the scene/pose if someone else wants a commission like yours.







-Cute, innocent cartoonish theme

-Wet, messy diapers


-Natural backgrounds






-Baby humans/toddlers

-Non-natural backgrounds

-Indoor scenes







-Explicit sexual intercourses in between two or more living characters


-Scat outside a diaper

-Artistic freedom



-Pornography involving minors (that also includes babyfurs/kidfurs/teenfurs)

-Fanarts (copyrighted characters from My Little Pony, Pokemon, Digimon, Bojack Horseman, etc.) because the style is not the same as mine and I do not want to contribute directly to the fandom, especially if there are diapers involved, which could give a bad reputation to ABDLs)

-Realistic style (non-cartoony)




-Human portraits

-Medieval clothing/universe

-Dark, emo, aggressive, gore



-Your e-mail to send the finished product in high quality

-A reference sheet, drawing OR a detailed description of how your character looks like

-A reference picture of your desired pose (you can Google it)

-A detailed, straightforward idea



-Please, communicate clearly.

-No roleplay

-No babytalk

-No kikoolol

-Fewer abbreviations

-Communicate to me in English or French only

-I am not your Mommy/Daddy/Caregiver/Pet/Baby/Toy/Slave



-Please, answer quickly. I cannot continue your commission without good communication throughout the project

-Please, do not let me make the decisions for your drawing. Some artists function better with a detailed demand. I cannot work if you tell me "Do what you want with my character, I don't mind"

-Acknowledge that I draw babyfurs, used diapers, and some unusual commissions that may seem strange. If you are not comfortable that I post your commission on my galleries because of my content, please do NOT commission me


-I reserve the right to cancel a commission if I determine that :

-I cannot continue, for x y z reason

-You are rude, disrespectful, suspicious, unclear, or hard to reach.

-I cannot work under time pressure.


If you need the commission under a certain delay, please notify me 1 month in advance.


If you need it for business or public exposition, please tell me in advance and ask for my consent.