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Online Chatrooms

These groups consist of a wide diversity of individuals that’s been part of the community for many years. Everyone is very tolerant of each other and accepts new individuals that have joined our groups. Some people overlap into multiple groups but many only join what is best for them. As always, you may join multiple chatrooms.

How to join: download the app telegram on your computer, tablet or smartphone. It is always FREE, you will be asked to add your phone number, this is so if you are banned you can not return under a new username. You do not have to provide your legal name most people join using a kink handle. Once everything is downloaded you’ll be able to click on the links below and get started.

Miss RinRin’s Orphanage for littles

This group has over 100 individuals. It’s a combination of littles and Bigs. Many littles do not have a Big therefore the word “Orphanage” in our name.

In the hopes of bringing "older" caregivers, ABDLs and BabyFurs together we've decided to start a group chat for mature people 21+ and older.

Adult conversation and RP are ok! Keep RP minimum.

Caregivers Circle

This group is slowly growing. It’s strictly for caregivers and Bigs in the ABDL and little community. This is a great place to bounce ideas off others. This room is not geared to switches because it’s strictly for Bigs/Caregivers only. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Again: this is a chat room for Caregivers, Mommies, Daddies, babysitters and anyone else who cares for Littles. This room is designed for people 18 and older. No RP the conversation is about being a Big!

Dungeon & Playroom

This room is for individuals who also are involved in the BDSM community.

This space is for anyone 21 and older.

All topics, pictures and such are all permitted if they are yours and as long as they do not involve, pedophilia, drugs, rape or anything else illegal.

Miss RinRin’s Sissy/Girl Training Group

This room is for individuals who would like to go through sissy training. It is designed for people 21+ and individuals will need to register for the real-life training program.

Fur and Kink Writers Blog

Are you interested in writing and sharing your stories? Do you not have a place to show off your creative writings because of the sexual content… you do now. Welcome to our writers and blog sharing. We ask that writing is free from pedophilia, drugs and rape. You will be required to produce and share one story a month from a topic given or one story a month from a topic of choice.