What is your opinion of blackmail?

To most people, the idea is so obviously unpleasant that the question seems rhetorical.

But in the complex and often counter-intuitive world of kink and fetish, the answer is not always so straightforward. There are a growing number of dominatrices, particularly online, who now offer some form of blackmail service. Miss RinRin offers these services.

The process usually begins with the submissive supplying personal information along with intimate or embarrassing photographs. We use a contract and a form for this.

Sometimes the ‘blackmail’ can be entirely consensual and risk-free, sometimes it can be so close to the real thing that the legality of it becomes dubious. Miss RinRin and Panda Playhouse only allow consensual blackmail with a contract.

The dominatrix’s motivation for providing this service is fairly obvious, but what exactly is the rationale of the submissive who signs up to be blackmailed?

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Blackmail fetish is not fundamentally different

Despite the particular risks associated with it, the blackmail fetish is not fundamentally different from most others. Almost all role-playing involves some loss of control either through physical restraint or through mutually agreed consequences for disobedience. This is always laid in in the contracts that Miss RinRin offers.

Elements of the blackmail fantasy can perhaps also be found in some ‘vanilla’ scenarios in which intimate photos or secrets are shared just for the thrill of the risk involved.

When trying to make sense of your own submissive feelings it can be this longing for loss of control which many subs say they find hardest to understand.

There are any number of everyday situations in which it is genuinely in a subs interests to be prepared to give another person some degree of power over the sub.

This could involve something as mundane and respectable as signing a contract or paying a non-refundable deposit, although occasionally, in more clandestine situations, it could involve establishing trust by supplying Miss RinRin with some potentially damaging information about the sub which could then be used against the sub if they fail to keep to our word.

Sometimes the only way to convince Miss RinRin that the sub will fulfill a particular agreement by deliberately limiting the subs options to the point where they can see that the only sensible thing left for sub to do is what Miss RinRin and the sub have agreed to do.

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The power to constrain an adversary depends upon the power to bind oneself.

This issue of how to show ‘credible commitment’ forms an important topic. As Nobel prize winning economist and game theorist Tom Schelling put it, ‘The power to constrain an adversary depends upon the power to bind oneself.’

Schelling was mainly concerned with finding ways in which hostile countries could successfully negotiate weapons treaties with one another, but in a wider context the ‘adversary’ could be anyone with whom we are trying to come to a mutually beneficial arrangement.

If there really are such a variety of situations in which giving another person the capacity to cause subs harm is ultimately self-serving, then would it be so surprising if subs had a natural predisposition to enjoy giving up power on occasions?

The voluntarily blackmailed submissive could be said to be making a gesture of credible commitment which in turn guarantees them regular attention from Miss RinRin, although this does not have to be the case. If one accepts that the desire for loss of power is natural, then simply finding an outlet for it becomes an end in itself. Miss RinRin talks to her blackmail subs several times a week because these individuals deserve attention from her.

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Why Panda Playhouse offers these types of services

Perhaps instead the solution is to encourage people to be more open, both with others and with themselves, about the fact that they enjoy putting themselves in potentially compromising situations. If bottled up desires can become stronger than those that are allowed some form of expression can become more moderate. This is why Panda Playhouse offers these types of services. It allows people to fully express themselves; it is encouraged and not judged.

Being able to talk about this kind of sexuality also enables more precautions to be taken beforehand, such as discussing things with Miss RinRin, and just having more honest conversations with Miss RinRin as she is involved before any kind of commitment is made.

If a sub decides to go ahead then these kinds of precautions do not have to reduce the thrill of the act itself. Like fastening a seat belt before being taken on a high-speed car ride, a sub may forget that they even did it, but sooner or later they just might be glad that they did.

Have fun with Miss RinRin and continue to play at Panda Playhouse because we offer the safest way for you to be blackmailed.

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