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About Panda Playhouse

Your Source Of Kinky Entertainment

Panda Playhouse is the place where Miss RinRin hosts her private sessions, events, and parties. The location is at her home in Central Pennsylvania where she lives with her partner; Gamerkitty. Panda Playhouse is currently not handicap accessible however, arrangements can be made to meet you at a local hotel to complete your services if needed. Panda Playhouse is a safe space for all kinds of kinks and fetishes. Miss RinRin and her partner pride themselves in the scene with professionalism, discreetness, and creativity. Miss RinRin is always eager to play with new individuals at Panda Playhouse.


About Miss RinRin

We Should Embrace Who We Are and Support Each Other

Miss RinRin is a plus-size professional Mommy Domme, Dominatrix, and BDSM Trainer. She has been in the scene since 2005. She began educating people about the community online in 2008 and started doing personalized sessions in 2012. She specializes in ABDL, Sissy, BDSM and other types of sessions and training.

Miss RinRin feels that so many people are “different.” People have different kinks, fetishes, lifestyles and belong to subcultures. These differences should not divide us as individuals but bring us together as a community. Miss RinRin wants people to feel welcome in her presence. She wants people to feel they are home and feel “normal.” Miss RinRin wants people to realize that there is nothing wrong with living a different type of life than others. Some people like rope, some people like diapers, some people like to roleplay as someone else; there are hundreds of thousands of kinks, fetish, lifestyles, and subcultures around us. People get their “motor going” over different things; those things are what makes us, us. These things make us a community.

Her hobbies and interest include working, playing board games, playing some video games, dancing, fishing, musicals, tractor or truck pulls, demo derbies, shopping, reading, watching movies, trucks, driving, going to church, hanging out with family and friends.


What Is A Mommy Domme

What Does It Mean?

In the world of BDSM role-play, a Mommy is a dominant female figure who acts as another partner's mother. More specifically, it is a type of age play in which a woman pretends to be an older woman taking care of her much younger child. The submissive partners in these relationships are often referred to as "littles." During play, mommies may punish their littles in various ways, such as by spanking, or nurture them, such as by cuddling with them.

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Miss RinRin's Way of Explaining a Mommy

Age play and role-playing as a Mommy are not related to pedophilia in any way, contrary to what some may believe. Individuals who have mommies or act as mommies are also typically not interested in incest either. This relationship is more about dominance and submission, as well as recreating the emotions and experiences of childhood.