Lamby Dragon: Personal Thoughts Diaper Plays


The one thing you have to remember about the diaper subculture is that it works for some different plays. Below is a listing of the many different plays in which diapers can and are the focal point. These plays can be sexual or non-sexual in nature.

  1. Baby Fur: The same as a furry or “fursuiter” but an infantile form. Like adult babies, furries enjoy all the same aspects, plays and pleasures associated with infantilism, but usually done in their fursuits. Some put diapers on the suits themselves, some wear underneath, and some do both.

  2. Baby Slave: Simply put, baby slaves are “ABDLs” who identify as ether subs or slaves to a dominant parent-master, similar to Daddy Doms or Mommy Dommes, but the play leans more heavily towards sexual BDSM, pain, pleasure, and punishment.

  3. CGL: Or “Caregiver Little” is the fundamental relationship between a child and a parent. It’s the umbrella term for breakdowns such as DD/lg (Daddy Dom/little girl), DD/lb (Daddy Dom/little boy), MD/lg (Mommy Dom/little girl) and MD/lb (Mommy Dom/little boy).

Note: CGL doesn’t always use diapers as a central dynamic, but it’s only fair to include the play because there’s a percentage who do.

  1. Cuckolding (Adult Baby): The practice of a wife or girlfriend bring in a third person and stronger alpha male to the relationship, despite having a “unless” husband, making the current husband or boyfriend as the baby in a relationship, referred to as a “cuck” and often being denied sex and forced to wear a chastity to reinforce it.

  2. DDlg and DDlb: The sexual or non-sexual relationship of a dominant father to a submissive little boy or little girl, in the sense that they are entirely dependent. Kink-wise would be the same, sometimes taking on a more BDSM aspect, while staying in the “Big and Little” mindset.

  3. Diaper Fur: A diaper fur is simply a furry who has a “kink” or “love” for wearing and/or using diapers.

  4. MDlb and MDlg: The maternal version of the paternal DDlg and DDlg as listed above.

  5. Sissy Baby: Sissy babies, for the most part, are guys who dress up as little or baby girls. “Sugar and spice with everything nice” is the mentality, opting for lots of pastel feminine colors, cute frills, light make-up and lots of glitters. The behavior of a sissy baby will coincide with the age they identify with.

Note: Sissy babies by percentage are mainly practiced by straight males who in some cases, love to be “pegged” (intercourse by a female with a strap-on dildo), those who practice the play sexually.

  1. Sissyfication Baby Humiliation: This form of humiliation takes a biological male who identifies as male who is considered “weak” or “feminine” to not only dress and/or sexual be treated as a female but also bust down to the weakest of the weak for others to make fun of at their expense and excitement.

  2. Slave/Sub/Collared Diaper Humiliation: Masters and Mistresses within BDSM punish their subs in various ways. Diaper Humiliation is usually the lowest of the low, by breaking subs back down into helpless babies and often giving them “aids” to help make sure their diapers get used. A sadist may even opt to leave the diaper on until diaper rash sets in, forcing the sub to beg for a diaper change from the intense burning.