Miss RinRin and Panda Playhouse are PROUD sponsors of The ABCDE Rangers. Miss RinRin put this program together with help from several peers. This program was created to help members of the ABDL and BDSM Communities. Our goal is to learn new skills, spend time alongside others with similar likes, socialize, earn badges, and most importantly, have fun.


What ARe abcde rangers?

ABCDE (pronounced Ab-si-dy) Rangers is a Scout-like group that also hosts private and public events. Our group is open to any kinkster over the age of 18. Your kink, fetish, Role, Gender, or Sexual Orientation do not matter as long as you are sane, safe, and using consent during our meetings, trips, and events.

Kink Scouts known as ABCDE Rangers will focus on family-friendly activities and badges to earn. Although we are all kinksters or fetishists our goals do not include any form of sexual involvement.

The focus of the ABCDE Rangers is general life skills and activities.

Admission is free; however, each member will be responsible for getting their own supplies or tickets for trips.

We will be having a meeting once a month that will be available to in-person or long-distance via live-stream, with a second meeting every other month for a trip of some sort. Trips are only available in person. They will not be streamed.


We look forward to seeing you in this new endeavor.

Why the name ABCDE RANGERS

Well that is simple, it stands for





Dungeon and,


A ranger or group of rangers is a person or people in charge of managing and protecting part of the public. For us, we are spreading positivity in our communities and giving community members a safe, sane, and comfortable place to be themselves.

why are you pronouncing it Absidy?

A is for athleticism, embrace the competitor within

B is for blossom, a renewal of spirit

S is for sharing. Share your talents, time, and possessions with others at our meetings and events


I is for intriguing, arousing the curiosity of others

D is for dignity, no one disputes this trait

Y is for Yes! Try to say yes to learning a new skill, having new opportunities and experiences-say yes to possibilities.